Sell My Way Quotation Overview for a Single Buy on Line Shop
Or a Mall Type Shop

Empower your website to begin generating an income!

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to this proposal as an easy add on tor your website.

Allowing us at We WebWork to manage the hosting and loading of products as well as the Payment Gateway will mean you have the highest possible security standards and user reliability.  

We're excited to share our newest value add for your  Website, keeping our promise to deliver the best for you.

We WebWork takes no responsibilities for the condition nor quality of any products sold. All guarantees and warranties are your responsibilities. No illegal or immoral products will be considered. Final decision of what is deemed immoral lies with We WebWork, illegal is in accordance with South African Law.

Your Shop
We do all the technical work for you

We will manage all administrative aspects of your Shop, back ground controls and hosting.
We manage all PayFast related controls.
A multi advertising approach on social media coming from both you and We WebWork

Facebook advertising
Twitter advertising
Orders and payments are received by you with the notification of order requirements.
You will handle the shipping or collection if the items are not digital downloads.

Registration of domain and set up

On acceptance of Quotation
Registration and set up of a .domain name of your choice
5 email addresses. 

Only once you are satisfied will we invoice you R4500.00

Once you are satisfied with the first five web pages, we will invoice you R4500.00 and continue building the website until all content required is displayed.
The site will go live when the funds have been cleared by our bank
A payment plan can be discussed.

Monthly fee
R850.00 up to 2500 Products

Includes the maintenance and hosting fee
Each product will be charged R20.00 to upload with price, pictures with up to five per a product, descriptions and two options for delivery.
Any changes will incur a fee of R15.00 per a product change.

The Mall
Your Shop with other Shops Combined

We will manage all aspects of your shop.
Order payment will be received by us, you will then be notified of order requirements.
You will handle the sourcing and shipping of the item if it is not a digital download.

10% commission will be deducted to cover our administrative costs on any sold item.

We will deduct 10% of the total fee per invoice.

Set up fee once-off

Five webpages devoted to your shop's interests
Your goods will be displayed with other shop keepers products.
The site will go live when the funds have been cleared by our bank.

A payment plan can be discussed

Monthly fees
R300.00 up to 25 Products
R350.00 for 0 to 50 products
R450.00 for 0 to 100 products
R650.00 for 0 to 250 products

Each product will be charged R20.00 to upload including the price, description and up to 5 pictures delivery charges built into the asking price.
Any changes will incur a fee of R10.00 per a product change.

A Working Shopping Mall


Our development approach is based on the mobile first principle, with more users relying on smart phones for almost everything digital, a mobile friendly website or online store guarantees user satisfaction.

A responsive Online store with a seamless 3 - 4 clicks to complete a transaction is what we aim to achieve with this project.

The list below is a brief detail of what the completed project will be;

We WebWork Management option of your shop.
We offer complete management for developed e-commerce website that has;
Inventory management - allowing us to add and remove product pictures on your instructions.

Update prices and set discounts on your instructions.

Setup stock volumes and quantities - this feature will alert the user of the item being out of stock should it be purchased to the last item.

Record client details after purchases and keep a mailing list for promotions.

Setup promotions with auto pop-up if required.

It will be SEO friendly, with good analytics and a live chat widget can be added.


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