Sisibelle by Elna Bruwer

I hope you love my handcrafted earrings

Welcome to Sisibelle by Elna Bruwer. 

I hope you love my handcrafted earrings as much as I love crocheting them. 

I create classic, high-quality and unique earrings which are easy to wear and washable.

I especially love crocheting earrings for those nostalgic hearts looking for something colourful made from different yarns like Polyester, microfiber and acrylic.

My mother taught me to crochet when I was 5 years old and now this timeless skill has blossomed into a passion for creating jewellery for any occasion or outfit.

There is no greater joy than creating a piece of jewellery and seeing customers enjoy wearing them.


9 St James Street,
Somerset West.
Cape Town


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Mobile: +21 72 322 7756


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